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Order a dry rot analysis, mushroom analysis,
insect analysis, mold analysis,  etc..
In our laboratoryFONGILAB specialist in analysis of dry rot and other building fungi.

Method by microscopy and DNA. Impeccable precision, guaranteed reliability.

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How to do ?


Order the analysis of your choice

Select the desired analysis and opt for a payment in 4 installments thanks to PayPal (if you prefer it). Following your purchase, you will instantly receive an order form with a unique code. Use this voucher to send us your sample, ensuring a quick response. Thanks to this process, your file is already constituted with us even before the reception of your sample.


Fill out the online order form

After your payment, complete the order form you will receive, print it and attach it to your sample. You are free to choose the shipping method of your convenience, knowing that the postage costs remain your responsibility. In the meantime, our laboratory is preparing to analyze your sample.


send us

your sample

Select the shipping service that suits you and send us your sample. Shipping costs are your responsibility. Avoid sending with a signature request, this could cause delays. While your sample is on the way, we compile your file and anticipate its arrival to provide you with a result as soon as possible.


Patience, the results are coming..

Generally, your results are available a few hours after receipt of your sample. You will receive the conclusions in the form of a PDF report detailing our observations, accompanied by photos and clear and detailed explanations.


Mushroom analysis

We analyze your mushroom samples with unparalleled speed using an optical microscope and DNA extraction.

Our technology is not only very reliable, but also among the fastest on the market.


Results in 24 hours*

Insect analysis

We analyze your samples of insects, worm molds or degraded wood with exceptional precision using our trinocular, which allows us to dissect the most subtle details.


Results in 24 hours*

Mold analysis

For the study of molds, we adopt an approach based on biological cultivation in a Petri dish. Once the molds are grown, we use an optical microscope to examine their characteristics in detail


Results in 72 hours*

(By making payment, you immediately accept our General Conditions of Sale:Available here)

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